Sunday, 8 April 2007

Sunday 8th April 07

Easter Sunday, and before I awoke Gill went into the garden to hide a load of milk chocolate mini eggs, wrapped in coloured aluminium foil, which were given to her from her sister Jane for the boys. Gill hid them in twos, plus the two Dubble larger fair trade chocolate eggs in their play shed toy oven. This egg hunt is a bit of a tradition, and the boys love it, as does Gilly.

So when I got up they were just on the way out to search for them. I don't do Easter really, but Gilly's a bit more traditional, although not religious. I didn't even have an egg for breakfast, just my usual bowl of cereal.

A quiet morning, just a bit of stuff in the garden and then a break inside for Countryfile and lunch.

Then a phone call from a friend from school, Rolf from Germany, father of a super little boy in our youngest son's class, who's seemingly very fond of me, asking when would be good to come round. Before the end of term we suggested they visit over the holidays and try out the trampoline one day, so today was that day. I had a quick cycle over to the other side of York to a Freecycler Shirley, who has offered a 220 litre 'dalek' compost bin, and by some chance I got it, lucky ol' me!

So I cycled this home and joined in the trampoline fun, instigating a game of headstands... I can do a good long headstand in the centre of an unmoving trampoline, and it's a safe enough place for others to learn the technique. Which is, for those blog readers who find that somebody elses online diary isn't that interesting enough, try putting your hands and head in a triangle shape on the flat still surface (a cushion on a floor is fine!) and slowly pushing your back up, and when that's upright, slowly lift your legs up, perhaps resting them on your arms as you push up. Don't do any movements quickly! Come down slowly the way you went up, or if you come down onto your back, make sure first that there's enough space around so that you don't hit anything.

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