Sunday, 22 April 2007

Sunday 22nd April 07

Awoke not too early and went downstairs to find my sister, Anna, still asleep after her late night at Joseph. The boys were being asked to keep quiet to let her sleep on, but she soon woke up. Weirdly, their late night with an 11pm bed-time didn't result in them sleeping in any later, they were up at 7am.

Anna awoke and she and the boys had pancakes for breakfast, I had my usual habitual cereals and muesli. We had a wander down the garden and Anna requested more compost for her garden, how could I refuse? She had praised it highly and said their border needed more... so she took 2 more bags and we put them in her car and she soon drove back to Sheffield.

I spent some time in the garden, got quite a lot done. Potted on some squash and courgettes, from their seed containers into bigger pots.

Melody came after lunch and we talked about the future of CrUST and its connections with the Green Festival and funding for that.

In the evening I tried to do some work on the computer but had a few problems getting onto the site I wanted, but persevered.

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