Sunday, 29 April 2007

Sunday 29th April 07, Day-trip to Sheffield

A horrendously early start, 6.15, don't know why, apart from loud sparrows squabbling outside the window..

Got up anyway as have to be up early enough to get the 9.20 to Sheffield, as I'm helping to do some gardening at Anna and Douglas's house in Middlewood. Gill decided to stay at home and do some sorting, I cycled down to the station, tailing my 9 year old and with my 7 year old sitting on my crossbar. The roads were almost empty, good for practice cycling for my little beginner. Easily got the 9.20 and were met by my brother Thomas and his 3 kids at Sheffield Station, and we walked through the City admiring the various stainless steel sculptures and water features which are fairly newly installed. Also went into the Winter Gardens, before catching the tram up to Middlewood Terminus which is in the valley below where our sister Anna and her hairy hubby live, up a hill.

Good chats with Tom, proud to have taken part in a run (10km?) with 700 participants, he came 350th, ahead of his wife Kate, who goes out for regular runs and was therefore slightly put out. Their two 7 yr olds also did a short run, and Tom has also dabbled in a cycle race and said I should have a go as I'd be good at it. Never know, I might!

It was lovely to be all together, the three of us and Douglas, and the children all playing well together. Nice lunch and did a load of gardening... had been asked to revamp the compost heap but also did lots of convovulous root removal, nettle pulling and brick and rubbish excavation. Did a lot of work... oh and also helped Tom to take a wardrobe up their stairs which was a tight fit!

Tom and kids left after lunch but we stayed til after 4, and got the two trams back to the station and got a train within minutes, changed at Doncaster and were back in York by 6pm.

Very proud of my little boys who have behaved so well and been lovely, and also Gill who has worked extremely hard tidying the conservatory and the garden, ready for a couple of visitors tomorrow morning.

A long and exhausting day, not helped by a streaming nose and regular sneezing fits... possibly pollen allergy, don't really know...

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