Friday, 13 April 2007

Friday 13th April 07

Woken up by our boys fighting outside our door, shouting and throwing things at each other. Oh dear!

The day didn't get much better really, as they were bad tempered and we sent them out into the garden and we went back to bed, which was nice, but one of them came back in and disturbed us and rather spoilt the moment... oh dear.

Anyway, we got up and on with parental responsibilities. I popped out on the bike to get some groceries and when I got back a bag broke and a bottle of perry fell and smashed all over the kitchen floor. Oh dear again.

At 1pm a photographer, Simon, was due to come to get some images for the Community Care mag to use, he was late and we spent nearly 2 hours getting a wide range of shots, including woodchopping (axe and saw) posing by woodpile, riding bike with load of compostables, compost heap posing, riddling, digging up parsnips and more. He was nice enough but I had a headache. I hope it doesn't show on the pictures!

Then I had to go to see my GP who has had a message from the Primary Care Trust, who are willing to send me to the Maudsley in London for a diagnosis to find out if I have ADHD (or if I'm just a Great British Eccentric!) IF the Maudsley wants to see me! A bit odd but I'll go with the flow, I don't really mind either way at the moment as my life seems to be going well and I'm using my high energy levels productively.

Did a short Sainsbury shop for cereals and some wine and visited Out Of This World for my recycling pick up.

Still headachey but a productive evening with various paperwork accomplished and the usual e-communications.

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