Sunday, 1 April 2007

Sunday 1st April 07

A rather late morning, as was up very late last night. I watched the third 'qatsi' film, whilst having a Googlemail conversation with a friend. This was a first as I've not used this service before. It was great, a sort of instant email chat. I hope we'll do it again sometime...

So slept til about 9.30 andwas woken by my wife coming back to bed... at about 10 got up as the boys were making a lot of noise and wanting some grown-up attention. What they're really into is 'bundles' which is basically play-fighting, wrestling, attempting to overpower me, which they can't do yet. They are capable of hurting me but I always 'win', so far anyway. A time will come when they are too strong, and perhaps they'll grow out of it, one or the other! So I watched 'Countryfile' whilst being bundled. After this we had lunch, and as Gill wanted some tomatoes in order to create a pizza, I volunteered to cycle down to Martins Country Fresh. With a small amount of persuasion the boys came too and as I'd picked up some compostables they suggested we go to the allotment. They weren't interested in the allotment at all really, they wanted to utilise the slope of Lamel Hill to cycle fast down whilst I attended to the four 'New Zealand bins' I have there, and chatted to a friendly older lady called Josephine who was a gardener in her younger days and now lives in Dower Court, the block of accommodation near the lottie site.

Got back and Gill had been busy in the kitchen making pizza dough and an apple and loganberry pie. Our Bramley apples from the garden, stored since picking last autumn, are getting to the end of their stored life, but still some usable apples amongst them. The loganberries are very prolific and we 'open freeze' them on a tray, and when frozen, pour them into a polybag and put them back into the freezer. We've still got some left, even though we use them all through the winter as a taste-memory of summer.

I spent a while in the garden, doing some riddling of mature compost ready for the coming season's planting. The boys played in their play-house which Gill made from a shed that a friend was going to dump and on the trampoline, lots of laughter there.

The pizza and salad was lovely. I am so lucky to have a great cook as a wife, and she enjoys creating lovely food. On my pizza I had a large, home-grown shiitake mushroom, in thin slices. The large oak log it grew on was innoculated with mycelium a couple of years ago, by inserting dowels with the mycelium growing in them. I placed the log in a north-facing shady area and waited. The fruiting bodies come in flushes all year round, with up to 12 weeks gaps between the fruiting. They taste great and they are my second-favourite edible mushroom, my favourite is 'chicken of the woods' and I have a tree trunk innoculated with that too. It's fruited twice in two years.

In the evening I popped out on my bike to the lottie with the rhubarb and was busy til dark.

A very nice day, didn't feel too shattered from last night's late finish. Earlier to bed tonight...

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