Friday, 27 April 2007

Friday 27th April 07

Yet another good day, as I recieved a Freecycle goody... a person who is moving house had two lawnmowers going for free and I cycled over to Stockton Lane to pick one up. Ours is about 5 or 6 years old and is on the verge of breaking, is making a horrible noise and needs either some attention, the motor reusing for a robot or other similar project, or putting in the WEEE skip (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) to be recycled.

On the way back, called in on my friend James who was in a bit of a state (he has an alcohol problem) but was pleased to see me, I think. I owe him a eucalyptus tree pruning, in part payment for his old chainsaw. Will do this within the next couple of weeks.

Then home for lunch and Gill went to a 'reading group' meeting, her first, organised by Melody our friend, who knows Gill doesn't get much time for reading. I went to the allotment to put in another two varieties of potato which was a very pleasent hour. I then went to school to pick up the kids, and as pre-arranged, went back to Suzanne and Andy's house and had a coffee and chat, as my boys played with their daughter. We left in time to get back for 5 and the boys' tea, which Gill had created, a veg stew, realy nice.

I immediately went to the veg shop for a compostables collection, came back for tea and then went down to town to collect an enormous load from Out Of This World, back again for 7.30pm and relaxation infront of the telly. Enjoyed our usual Friday TV, Gardeners World.

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