Thursday, 26 April 2007

Thursday 26th April 07

A good day as the morning was very structured by the fact a group of us had to choose 6 applicants from 22 for the York Rotters part-time management post. Shortlisting for interviews next week, it's a fascinating process, but important we do it well and with integrity as it is someone's life we are dealing with, infact more than one person as 21 people won't get the job.

But it was reasonably easy to do as we were able to put all our combined favourites in one pile, discuss the 'maybes' using a tick-box grid based on the job spec, and get to our 6 for interviewing without much difficulty. We also discussed the questions we want to ask at the interview and who will ask them, and how we organise the 6 interviewees and the two parts of the interview process... the formal part and the less formal visit around St Nicks.

This all finished for lunchtime and I got home and had a good lunch and did some emailing and blogging and googletalking and then it was time to go to school...

The evening went well, a small meeting of the Green Festival organisers at Space 109... infact just two of us, but a good meeting nonetheless, and we kept it to one hour. This left time for a drink at the Blue Bell on Fossgate, which was really worthwhile.

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