Thursday, 10 February 2011

Wednesday 9th February 11

Up early as we had a visitor booked... Dave the Education at Home Assessor.  However, Gill and our non-home-schooled child had an adventure in town; they went in on the bus and got stuck in town as there was a bomb scare so they got out and walked all the way to the Steiner School.  Apparently town was full of sirens and traffic backed up.  Gill got home quickly by taxi, via Heslington, at about 9.30am.

Dave the Assessor is independent of the City Council, and a very experienced ex teacher, and he arrived on time at 10am.  He talked to our home-schooled child, and us, and found out about all aspects of his weekday activities, what he enjoyed doing, different subjects, and we told him about the help we were getting from Maria and Simon, and going to Cafe Scientifique.  We discussed GCSEs and College, University and a lot more besides.  He was a lovely chap, and made us feel a lot better about what we've done.  He was completely satisfied that we were doing the right thing, and doing enough education and other beneficial activities.  We were all very pleased and in good spirits for the rest of the day.

I had a late lunch and got a bit stuck on facebook because I got drawn into a discussion about a conspiracy theory which I had vaguely heard of, but was a bit incensed by the way someone tried to involve the Rio Earth Summit in it.  Apparently, there is a group of people who caused World War One, World War Two, financed Hitler, caused the Ethiopian famines, and hijacked the Rio Earth Summit for their own ends.  I think it sounds like a mix of nonsense and paranoia, but it is interesting to se how some people think.

I also had a good phone conversation with Philippa from UK Aware, discussing whether I might be able to get involved. 

But I escaped from the confines of the house and went to St Nicks to learn how to work the laptop and projector in preparation for Saturday's Rotters training, which is full, with at least 25 people booked., I was shown what to do by fundraiser and computer expert Graham.  I came home via a pile of willow logs.  Then I did some chainsawing and splitting, and stacking.

A quick tea and out at 7pm to go to the Green Drinks at the 3 Legged Mare.  It was a lively discussion, with Jenny and Tom arriving soon after me, then Kit and June, Julian, Tracey, Melanie and Richard.  I really enjoyed this gathering.

Left at about 10.30 and came home via where I'd seen a stray, unwanted, unloved pallet, which followed me back as I think it knew it would get a warm welcome!  Ha, it will do in due course!

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