Thursday, 17 February 2011

Wednesday 16th February 11

A good day, especially meeting with Pat at St Nicks to review last Saturday's York Rotters training.

I got up fairly early as Gill asked me to pump up her bike tyres, but they were really hard, so her difficulty on the bike is due to some other factor.  She thinks it might be the bearings in the crank-case.  I'll have to have a go on her bike to see if I can work it out. 

So Gill cycled to the Steiner School with our youngest, and I spent a bit of time with our other son, and did a bit of housework.  Justin came to fix one last bit of wiring problem; in the conservatory a wire had been damaged by something banging it at waist height. We moved a storage box to get to all of the flex, so Justin could put some protective trunking over it, and found that a rodent (we had a rat in there a few years ago) had chewed the flex at ground level, exposing the wires.  This ran to a socket which I don't think we've ever used, so instead of replacing that cable, Justin just disconnected it and tidied up the junction box.

Gill went to get some bread and I had an early lunch.  I had an appointment at 2pm at St Nicks, but also had two cheques to put in and one to get out, and some recycling to do. So I cycled down to town with a large load of drinks cartons and a sack of shoddy... clothes which won't be able to be re-used, but will be recycled for rags or wiping cloths.  I decided I had enough time to pop in to Cycle Heaven as I need a couple of little jobs doing on my bike... they will do it tomorrow.  I then went to the Building Society to do my paperwork, and on to Hazel Court to put the sack of material into a recycling bank, and the 2 sacks of soya milk cartons into the carton bank.  I got to St Nicks at 1.55 where Pat was waiting for me. 

She had looked through the feedback forms from Saturday's Rotters training, and went through them with me.  I was really happy... all of them were positive, some extremely so.  There were a couple which had suggestions for improvements, but even these said that the trainer was enthusiastic, knowledgable and used the powerpoint well.  Actually, using the powerpoint was one area that Pat and I think I could have done better with.  We also discussed the layout of the room and the timing of the different bits of the training and when we stopped and went to look at the compost bins.

I came away happy.  Got home and spent a bit of time in the garden, and then at 5pm, cycled down to see Richard, bought a bag of veggies and picked up four boxes of 'resources'.

Tea was an interesting mix... some potatoes (rescued!) made into a salad with mayo, and two homegrown shiitake mushrooms fried up with a waste mooli, which is the first time I've had this radishy vegetable.  I compost loads of them, and will from now on harvest a few from the rubbish and eat them.  The taste is not too strong, but I'll have to find out how they are usually prepared.

During the evening I did quite a bit of admin stuff, organising a first planning meeting (on facebook here) for this year's World Naked Bike Ride, and putting my friend Dawn's event 'Run For All Life, fundraiser for Dr Hadwen Trust' onto facebook.  The page is here, and this year's event is here.

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