Friday, 11 February 2011

Thursday 10th February 11

A reasonable day, despite having a headache for most of it... lack of sleep I think.  I need to try to go to bed before midnight tonight....

So, in the morning Gill took our youngest into school... she tried to get ready in time for the bus but missed it and ordered a taxi, but that was late so she was in an annoyed mood as she left at 8.45.  She came back by bus. 

I had a bit of time on the computer commenting on a few websites and news articles about greening funerals, and then did some logging and stacking, and I've built a very good looking logpile.

In the afternoon I got 4 sacks of compost together for Keith, and I cycled down to Country Fresh and saw Shirley, and picked up 4 boxes/sacks of goodies plus a few groceries.

At about 6 I set off for a multiple use ride, taking 4 sacks of compost to Keith in South Bank, and I was let into his back yard and I took them in there for him.  Then I cycled on to Copmanthorpe and found the home of the first Freecycler who had left 4 old feather pillows for me, ones which were too manky to let someone else use.  I'll compost them.  Then I found Adrian's house, quite close, and picked up a saucepan rack thing, which hangs from the ceiling and has hooks and might help free up some space in our cramped kitchen.

On the way back, coming home via Bishopthorpe, I found a freshly roadkilled rabbit on the road, so I picked that up and when I got in, put it on Freecycle in case someone wanted to eat it.  If Freecycle won't post the message (some moderators can be a bit funny about some things!) or if no-one wants, I will compost it.

A much earlier night than usual...


Anonymous said...

I'm all for a greener way of life but for goodness sake, John, don't you think scraping up roadkill and bunging it on the internet is going a little too far? Have a little sense.

Compost John said...

So what is your objection, then?

Firstly no roadkill was 'scraped up' as it was not 'road pizza' but an intact, still warm rabbit, killed minutes ago by a motorist. Had the wheel gone over the animal, or there being copious blood and damage, I wouldn't offer it for eating.

I have often composted roadkill. It makes a very good rich compost and I'm very interested in skulls, which often don't rot down as quickly as the soft parts, and I find them in the year-old compost when I dig it out.

So, what exactly is your objection?