Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Monday 21st February 11

Up fairly late, first thing was a phone call from my old friend Laura Potts who is currently helping with the gardening club at St Lawrence's School.  They have some growing areas with very poor soil, and have requested a load of compost to improve it.  So I arranged to meet Laura later this week with 10 sacks of compost.  Excellent stuff!

I had a fairly sedentary day inside dealing with lots of admin, washing up and various other boring stuff, and a bit of cooking to help Gill out.

I did another 18 bananas for drying and 16 large South African plums which I just split and removed the stone, and laid skin-side down onto the rack.

I did manage an hour outside, in the rain... it's the outdoor stuff which keeps me sane I think.

Later, I had a bath in wood-heated water, as I'm working tomorrow in a special school and need to be as presentable as possible.

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