Monday, 7 February 2011

Sunday 6th February 11

Another fairly relaxing day.  I slept til about 10 and then got up for breakfast and watching Country Tracks, but I missed most of it as I had a long phone call.  But after lunch I got busy and did some tidying in the conservatory which has become a dumping ground, and then sorted out both my stacking wormeries (Can Of Worms and Worm Cafe) which both have healthy populations of worms in, despite freezing temperatures and no insulation over the winter.

I did some clearing up in the garden too, cut a couple of dead branches off apple trees and putting more stuff in compost heaps, including brambles, chopped into short lengths.  I cleared out the Envirocycle tumbler and refilled it with mushy potatoes and mummified apples plus sheets of damp cardboard.

I did yet more sawdust riddling... I've still got more to do!

In the evening I dealt with a bit of fruit and cleaned and chopped 3 very large new potatoes which had been thrown away as they had a developmental split in them, and presumably the retailer thought they looked funny so lobbed them.  They are now converted into potato salad, boiled briefly on the stove but left with some firmness.  I'll add chives or spring onion tomorrow, and probably mayonnaise.  That's one bit of tea done anyway.

Did the washing up before bed.  And watched interesting UFO videos on YouTube.  I'm a skeptic but still like trying to work out what they are. 


Karin said...

Congratulations on getting your letter printed in the latest issue of Permaculture magazine - I presume it was you as the name and location matched.

Compost John said...

I'm really looking forward to reading it... I'd completely forgotten I'd sent anything in!

However, Maddy did message me and say she used some of my info about stacking logs in something she wrote, and offered me a free year's subscription or a Ben Law book on roundwood framed building. I said yes to the PC mag for a year! Highly delighted....