Thursday, 3 February 2011

Wednesday 2nd February 11

A hardworking day, dealing with the untidy front garden, riddling more of the accumulated sawdust and sawing up most of the logs and wood that I've collected over the past few weeks.  The sawn up logs were split and stacked either on a new stack of 'green' or wet logs, or if dry (like the wood from Mandy) next to the front door for almost immediate use, or on a pile which doesn't need much drying and should be ready by the summer or autumn.  The green wood will take a year or two to completely dry.

One of the best things to happen in our son's home education for a while was that today he discovered that there was speech recognition software on Gill's laptop, so he installed that and 'trained' it with his voice, by reading out a load of sentences presented to him on the screen.  Then he got on with his science homework from Maria, and finished 8 questions.  Had he been writing these, he'd have probably got two done.  Yay for speech recognition software!

And Yay! for Richard at Country Fresh who always brightens my day!  I cycled down there, via a Freecycler who had bits of used candle to give away, (always good to have a bit of candle wax to help light the stoves), and I popped in on St Nicks to give Ivana a sack of riddled sawdust for their compost toilets, and then on to Richard to buy broccoli and onions, and pick up compostables.

The only other significant thing which happened was that we got a hate letter from someone we know which was full of disgusting slurs and accusations.  Gill was so angry and wanted to go and remonstrate with the sender but I persuaded her to leave it.   I'm used to criticism and I wasn't too bothered... sad, for the sender, but I've far more people in my life who like me, think I'm doing the right thing and have the right approach to life.  I've never said I'm perfect or get it right all of the time, but I don't think anyone should have to receive treatment like that.  I am currently composing a 'page' about the assorted criticism I've received and this letter will definitely go in that.  I wonder why some people read my blog?  If reading something makes them angry, why oh why do they read it?  Some people are daft.  Or maybe I've missed something?  Maybe it's like the thrill of watching a horror film... something else I don't understand, or do!

At 9, I watched a good programme with our little science expert, about the science of waves.  Really interesting stuff... I learned lots too!

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Aliboo said...

Hey John, Sorry to read about the hate mail. No one should have to put up with that. As I see it, there's room in this world for everyone to have their own opinion, and to discuss, debate, argue their point, politely and with respect for others who don't share their viewpoint. Isn't that how we learn and grow as people? I'm sorry Gill was dragged in to it on this occasion - it's totally unfair.