Thursday, 2 September 2010

Wednesday 1st September 10

I got up really late... was up til 3 working and then read for some time, so I got up at 11, 7 hours sleep. So, didn't get much done in the morning, apart from a bit of email/facebook... but this was good as my friend in Germany, Sabine, told me she thought that the yellow cherry-plums are what she calls 'Mirabelles' (images here) and yes, they fit the description well. They are delicious, really sweet!

After a late lunch, I had a busy afternoon in the garden; cut a length of hedge, with newly sharpened shears, and then shredded this with the electric shredder. I layered this with a few boxes of greengrocers 'resources' in the current compost bin.

I picked a lot of blackberries, and then did a load of pond-area prep... I've cleared about a quarter of it now, and I want to make it all bare earth before digging it deeper and making it into a pond. All the Ground Elder and bramble roots are welcome additions to my compost, after all! Also, I'm enjoying unearthing various archaeological artifacts....

However, as the light was beginning to fail, I remembered that I had a Green Party meeting, so I rushed up to wash my hands and jumped on my bike and got to the meeting at 7.50, I thought I'd be late but as it started at 8pm I was early. I didn't stay for the whole meeting, just the two agenda items which concerned me.

I came home and got myself some food, and later, after another big wash up, washed the Mirabelle plums and put quite a few of them for drying. Tomorrow I might have a go at making a pie or tart with the remainder of them.

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