Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Monday 20th September 10

Up reasonably early and once I'd done emails and facebook notifications, I wrote a press release for the compost donation I'm giving to the RSPCA.  This needs to be OKed by York Rotters and the RSPCA, but both groups will get some publicity out of it.  I got a positive response from Sara at the Council, although she suggested that Catherine might put it into Press-Release-ese!

As it was a lovely day, I went outside and saw our neighbour Marion was out at the front... and she'd mentioned a while ago, when I was picking cherry plums, that she'd like a branch cut off the tree, as it's overhanging their driveway and shading their front window quite a bit.  So I offered to sort out this problem now!  I got my big ladder and with her directions, removed several limbs with my bow saw.  Then I used the loppers to reduce these down to sticks worth keeping for fuel and twigs good for shredding.  Then I got the shredder from down the garden and put it in the driveway, and spent a while feeding stuff through it, resulting in four sacks full of woody stuff.  Very useful!

Then Peter arrived, as agreed over the phone earlier.  Peter is Hugh's brother and we got on well at Hugh's party.  Peter is a green, involved in Transition and we have a lot in common.  We had a wander down the garden and then he had a bowl of carrot soup as did I. 

At 7.45 he went as I was due to go to City Screen and see Metropolis, which has recently had some more footage found.  This is one of my favourite films.  The extra 25 minutes of film mean it is well over 2 hours long, but the story is easier to follow and I loved it, absolutely loved it.  What a classic!

It finished at 11.15 and I cycled home with a big smile.

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