Sunday, 5 September 2010

Sunday 5th September 10 York Peace Festival

I got up fairly early as I wanted to get to Rowntree Park before 11, when the Festival officially started. I turned out the flapjack, and had a piece... it was DELICIOUS! Most of that went into a cake tin and into a pannier. I took my devlstick, in case of some good music to twiddle to, and balloons in case of kids in need... I took two cans of cider, just in case I felt like relaxing with a drink later on.

I got to the site before 11 and reported to the Festival Central tent, as Dylan had suggested that I might be useful as a steward. However, I wasn't needed but was asked to report back at midday. I went to the nearby stage where my Falling Spikes friend Moz was playing in a dub reggae band, and his band member and friend Richard, of Country Fresh fame, was coping with it pretty well. Rich doesn't like dub. And soon after the dub finished, Rich had to head off to work.... and apparently would be back at 5.30!

I had a wander round, down to the main stage, the healing and chill out area, with the nearby cabaret stage just getting going.

I met absolutely loads of my friends old and new. I met people whose names I didn't know, like two friendly characters Lorraine and Catherine. I spotted Rachel whom I wanted to say hello to but I was chatting to Laurie the poet and she'd gone by the time I'd finished that conversation. I really enjoyed the social aspect to this event, which was good as I felt a bit 'lost' as I wasn't an organiser, a volunteer, a paid worker... I was just a punter. I helped Rakesh with getting some water, and then queued with Kate Lock to have lunch. Janie and her son came from Manchester to be here, and it was lovely to see them. I did some devilsticking to some funky music, and several people with children stopped and asked about it, and I was able to give out my business card.

Later on, I collected what started as 7 boxes of orange halves, which I compressed into 4 boxes and a bag. This filled my bike trailer, but will be a good dose for one of my tumblers.

As the event came to a close, I had one of my cans of cider, and then spent well over an hour picking up litter... mainly cigarette butts, hundreds and hundreds of them. Disgusting smokers.

Right at the end I was rewarded with a fruit scone, but I needed to get back as I was tired. I got home at about 9 pm. I had sandwiches for tea.

So, a brilliant day, one of the best local festivals I've been to... lots more people there than at the last Green Festival. I take my hat off to Dylan, Mick, Ali and all the other volunteers who made this happen. Most of all I thank my friends who enrich my life so much. I am a very lucky man.

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