Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Monday 27th September 10

A good day with two York Rotters meetings.  I got to St Nicks before 10am and the Management Group meeting went well.  We discussed how we are going to try to achieve the targets we haven't yet met this year, some ways of working which will enable us to reach more people, and some possible longer-term projects.  We work really well together and I think we're a strong team.

Soon after midday, my second meeting got underway; this being the latest in the series triggered by my over-enthusiastic behaviour at the Big Green Market Rotters stall last year, which generated complaints from some other volunteers and Council staff.  Things are moving forward positively... there is the possibility of my getting a 'buddy' who would work with me on the stall, and keep an eye on me and warn me if I was getting over enthusiastic or saying anything which was inappropriate.  We discussed my working to some rules, which would be very helpful with my type of Aspergery 'Neuro Diverse' way of being, and I learned that there had been some diversity training for staff and volunteers at the centre, which is wonderful.  Although this has been a difficult time for me, and my colleagues, I'm glad that positive things have come out of it, and I've learned more about the filters and boundaries I already use in certain situations, and need to develop for others, including my volunteering.

I went home fairly happy, to a late lunch, and had a productive afternoon in the house and the garden. 

Later, I put a load of dried apple rings in 2 big jars, pear halves in 2 jars, and one jar full of dried plums.  This frees up space to do a lot more apple, which I have considerable quantities of.

After 10pm, Andy Chase came round, and gave me the election leaflets which need to be delivered round Hull Road Ward.  Andy had a cuppa and some apple cake which Gill's made, and we had a good chat about all sorts of things.  I did more washing up and more fruit for drying...

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