Monday, 27 September 2010

Sunday 26th September 10 Last day of 'Everyday People' and Participants Reunion

Another early start, bleary eyed, as off to Manchester for the last day of the Spencer Tunick exhibition at The Lowry, and a reunion with some of the participants.

I cycled down to the station for 10am, got a day return and had a very nice journey over there, although it took a bit longer than timetabled as there was working on the track and we had a bit of a diversion.  But it was only another 15 minutes.  I had a nice conversation with a chap who was recovering from a night out in the Leeds Gay quarter (I didn't know it had a Gay Quarter!) and a sweet Nigerian lady who told me all about her family and we talked about faith and belief and all sorts.  I do enjoy train journeys for the interesting conversations I often have on them.

I met Janie at Manchester Piccadilly, and we went to get on a tram to the nearest stop to The Lowry, Harbour City.  There were loads of cars parked in the Harbour City area, and I remembered it was the day of the Great Northern Swim, with apparently about 3500 swimmers doing a mile in the Salford Quay.  We watched a bunch of them start off and go under the bridge we were on.  My facebook friend and fellow greenie Tracey Smith was supposed to be there, but she'd had a cold a couple of days ago, and the organisers ask you to be in tip top condition.  She'll do another swim sometime, raising money for her cause, The National Association for Children of Alcoholics.

We were soon at The Lowry and Rosemarie and Martin were there at the entrance, with little blue ribbons to identify participants.  I sat with Janie outside for a few minutes and had my sandwiches, and then we went inside to have a final look at the Everyday People exhibition, and I picked up my signed print.  We also looked round the LS Lowry paintings and drawings, which was really interesting.  He was capable of doing a number of different styles, not just the iconic 'matchstick men' pictures.  At 3pm we all gathered outside and several people took photos, with us in various poses, all clothed, but echoing some of the poses we had to do for Tunick.

After this, which was fun (shouts of 'Dont smile', and many other humorous comments) Janie and I went to check out the rest of the artwork on display, a 60s photographer Philip Townsend.  And then, a walk back to the tram and we ended up in Piccadilly Gardens, where I eventually found a reasonable looking place which did me a rice dish and a feta salad.  Janie wasn't hungry but had something to drink.

Then, after watching some street dancers, we went to the station and Janie got her train back to Stockport and I got the next train back to York.  I got in before 10pm, lit the stove, washed up and went on the computer.  A good day.

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