Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Tuesday 14th September 10

Up early as I had agreed to speak live to BBC Radio York about a quite sensitive subject.  I am going to prepare a 'page' about this, and will link this post to that page to explain.

So I was on soon after 7am, and I stayed up and spent chunks of the day listening to the 'player' to listen to the whole show.  I was disappointed with the rest of the programme 

I did quite a chunk of work in the garden and also visited Richard and picked up several sacks of compostables and a hand of bananas... not very local or in season but the children like them.

After lunch, Jennie dropped by to give me some Edible York postcards, which I'll deliver in the next few days to houses with big gardens.

I called round on a friend who is desperately fighting alcoholism, to see how they were and I met someone who is helping, and they went off to alcoholics anonymous together.  I squashed a huge load of aluminium cider cans and brought them back, the beginning of my new collection!  Then I visited a nearby wooded area where some shrubs and small trees had been taken down, and I came back with a trailer load of reasonable sticks and small branches, some of which I chopped up.

I collected a lot of windfalls as it's been windy, and I made space on the stove for more drying.  I had an enquiry from ITV about a homes-of-interesting-people programme, but I declined as I don't think it would be a good idea to have cameras round when we're so untidy and chaotic, and also, I don't want to embarrass the children.  I had a call from 10:10 about their recent emails to York in Transition and Professor Fiddlesticks being 10:10 organisations.  I had a long chat with Heidi, a 10:10 volunteer and I enjoyed this.

I did quite a lot of fruit prep in the evening and had a nice facebook chat with a new Malaysain friend who's into green issues.  I half watched a film I've seen before, 'At First Sight' with Val Kilmer.  Got my blog done for 1am, which is early for me!!!!

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