Saturday, 18 September 2010

Friday 17th September 10

I slept in and when I got up, my top dressing had come off revealing a neat pair of 'butterfly sutures'.  It isn't clear whether I have normal stitches as well.  Gill replaced the gauze and attached it with tape.

So I had a sedentary day, mostly.  Wrote my piece for the Ward Election newsletter, and dealt with more fruit.

Later, I installed a dalek compost bin which came home from Lord Deramore's minus it's lid and basal door.  I used a load of bits of rock and concrete to block the door hole and I'll use something to put on the top.  I half-filled it with the contents of the medium Compostumbler, and started refilling the tumbler with shredded shrubs, shredded rotten wood and a couple of sacks of greengrocers stuff. 

I picked some beans for tea. I picked a lovely looking bright orange winter squash, which should keep for quite a few months.

In fact, tea was excellent.  Someone (err, was it Loony?) had suggested making a bread and butter pudding but make it savoury with layers of veg instead of fruit.  I had a thrown away wholemeal loaf, so Gill and I made an experimental meal.  The beans were chopped up and put in a dish with onion, mushroom, tomato and courgette, with herbs and a bit of bouillon, and microwaved for a few minutes to soften them.  The bread was dipped in a mix of goats milk and egg, and some put in the bottom of a greased pyrex dish.  Then a layer of veg mix, and another layer of bread, and so on, finishing with a layer of eggy bread, and some goats cheese grated on top.  This was microwaved to heat it through, and then put in the oven to crisp the top and make sure it was really well cooked.

It was delicious, a really nice meal.  We'll be doing a version of this again!

A quiet evening, wrote the minutes out for the YiT meeting last week as I had a gentle prompt from Peter that I hadn't done it yet.

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