Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Wednesday 2nd June 10

A good day with not too early a start, so had a lie in til after 9, and then a fairly quiet nothingy morning doing I don't know what. But I had a date with Cycle Heaven whom I'd asked to fit an new Weber trailer hitch, as the old one has almost worn through. It is an excellent piece of equipment, and the rubber thingy inside lasts quite a long time, and when that disintegrates with the exceptionally heavy use I give it, the metal links rattle but continue to do the job, but they do gradually get thinner and this is my third hitch in maybe 12 years, not sure exactly.

On the way into town I popped into the Council's Civic Amenity Site (skip site or recycling site) at Hazel Court, with a whole load of electrical stuff that Ben asked me to take in, a couple of electrical things I'd found in skips and wanted not to go to landfill, a sack of scrap iron and two sacks of soya milk cartons. I had absolutely no hassle with the gentlemen there and the sign saying no cyclists has been removed. I think we have won. A victory for common sense and sustainability over petty rules. I'm pleased with this.

So then into Cycle Heaven and the wonderful Ash modified the trailer hitch to make it compatible with my pannier rack. In the hour that it took, I walked into town, tried to visit Pauline but she wasn't in, and found somewhere to sit for a while. At 2pm I went back and handed over my money and cycled away happy, with a now non-rattley trailer.

Back via Country Fresh and Freshways.

Late lunch, and then a bit of time on the computer... and had a phone call from NewScientist who are interested in Novaterium and greener funeral options. I'd actually been thinking last night that I'd like to write an Opinion piece for them, and I suggested this. I hope someone will get back to me with a positive response.

Spent more time in the garden, composting and pruning and shredding and planting some beans.

A good day.

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