Sunday, 20 June 2010

Sunday 20th June 10

Another work day, but I didn't have to leave York until the 12.15 train, so I was able to stay in bed until 10am. But after this I had to get everything ready... all the circus kit out of the Curver box it was in yesterday (fits into my trailer) and into my sports bag, which is how I transport it when going somewhere by train.

So, by 11.30 I had got my ironed costume and all the circus gear I needed into their bags and rucksack, my hair plaited, armpits washed, and then the bike sorted, unicycles stowed and by 11.45 I was off and heading for the station.

I met a nice student (Politics and Economics) and we talked about sustainability, co-operatives and other stuff. The journey to Leeds went quickly.

I waited for Alan at the pre-arranged place and ate my sandwiches, and he arrived at 1pm, and took me up to Middleton Park, where I was due to do my stuff from 2pm til 4pm. The Friends of Middleton Park have a really good range of activities this summer, including a Shakespeare production, several bands, and they even had a dog show!

I got changed and ready to work, and before 2pm kids started arriving and wanting to try out the 4 wheel unicycle and 2 wheel unicycle toys, so I did a bit of a workshop before doing my show to about 30 people, which went well, with loads of participation, and the workshop afterwards had nearly everybody involved... I was really pleased. I was especially happy to meet a little Fiddlesticks fan who's seen most or all of my shows in Middleton Park (this is my fifth), and her enthusiasm for devilsticks and poi and other circus/performance skills is really good to see. The balloon show afterwards was equally popular and had everybody having a go. I had quite a queue of children wanting replacement balloons, and didn't get finished til after 4pm. I think Alan was really pleased with the turnout and the interactive nature of what happened. I certainly enjoyed it.

A swift car journey back to Leeds Station and then a 15 minute wait before I got the Glasgow train, and I dozed until York, but also had a nice conversation with a Lesbian lass in a very fetching hat.

I called in on Country Fresh, who had closed but left me their donation to my compost heap, four boxes, which I managed to condense into three... one on top of the unicycles and two on my pannier rack.

When I got in, Gill was with Melody, who had come to pick up some more Chapatti flour and give us some almonds in their shells.

Within half an hour, Gill had a pasta-based meal for me and the boys. I then did a couple of hours work in the garden, lifting hidden paving slabs in the bog garden area, pulling up brambles and ground elder, and using this as a layer of stuff on top of all the Country Fresh rottables in the latest pallet heap.

I came in just before 11pm and then did emails and other electronic stuff....

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