Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Tuesday 15th June 10

A good day, as spent some time with Gill in the morning and some gardening in the afternoon, before I went to school and brought our youngest home. I'm pleased that I now have an area nearly clear for the bee hives, and have spoken to both neighbours about it.

I had an early tea and at 6.15 headed quickly over to the Millennium Bridge to meet up with Guy and other Abundance/Transition types, to go on a cycle foraging expedition to Askham Bog.

Guy is very knowledgeable about edible plants and we kept on stopping to see something.
We found: lime tree leaves, garlic mustard, cleavers/sticky willy/goosegrass, Indian or Hymalayan balsam (sometimes known as 'policeman's helmet' because of the shape of the flowers), elder, birch (for the sap), oak (young acorns can be a coffee substitute), rose (hips in the autumn), nettles, burdock, horseradish, marsh thistle, hazel, bog myrtle, honeysuckle, fat hen, Japanese knotweed and sloes. Also the following inedible plants: royal fern, orchid, guelder rose, alder.

For me, it was a real treat to be taken to Askham Bog, as I'd never been there and it is a lovely place. I shall certainly revisit.

On the way back I showed a new friend, Clare (I think!) part of the Solar System sculpture trail and got back at about 9pm, with some sticks in the trailer.


Anonymous said...

After yesterday's exploits, maybe you should keep away from "edible" wild plants, John!

Compost John said...