Thursday, 10 June 2010

Thursday 10th June 10

I had to get going fairly early... I had been asked to get the York World Naked Bike Ride leaflets from York Community Print, and at 10.30, Hugh was meeting a photographer/film-maker from the Yorkshire Post and I wanted to support him, as no-one else had said they were able to go.

But, during breakfast I checked my emails. Last night, at something past 2am, just after I'd turned off the laptop, I checked the York Press. On the front page was a small paragraph titled 'Naked Ambition' and with a line saying 'Full story: page 17, so I had a quick look through the paper and ended up on Page 17, where the full article about our ride was. I was horrified by the mistake Richard Harris the reporter had made. We'd spent ages getting a good Press Release together and the silly numpty had not read it properly, and said we'd be leaving from Museum Gardens, whereas we are actually leaving from Memorial Gardens, the other side of the river. We are returning to the Museum Gardens, but obviously, we want people to know where we're leaving from, so they can join us.

So, I put my laptop back on and fired off an email and a letter to The Press. I also looked on the Press website and left a correction under the article.

This morning I got an apology emailed to me and a promise to print my letter.

So, my first trip to Holgate Villa. This is a 1960s concrete office block, and currently houses York Green Party and North Yorkshire Credit Union amongst many other groups. I had agreed to meet up with Andy Chase to pick up some York World Naked Bike Ride fliers, with an image of David on them and information about the ride.

Then I went to meet Hugh at Clifford's Tower and the Yorkshire Post people arrived and did a bit of filming and photography. Both of us were interviewed.

I then called in on Alligator to pick up compostables, and left fliers there. Then to Country Fresh, and left some leaflets there. Then to St Nicks, where I had several conversations and left some WNBR leaflets.

I got home after 12 and had lunch.

Later I did some work in the garden and disposed of all the compostables, as I won't be able to do any tomorrow as I'm heading over to Manchester for their Naked Bike Ride and the Spencer Tunick 'Everyday People' exhibition at The Lowry on Saturday.

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