Saturday, 12 June 2010

Saturday 12th June 10

Didn't sleep brilliantly as the bed wasn't that comfy, and then got a message from Laura that she was heading for Manchester to come to the Lowry with me. Then Jess, Nomi's friend turned up too, and we all headed off to Afflecks which Laura thinks is the centre of the Universe in Manchester, but it wasn't my kind of place really (I really don't like shopping!) and after this we got on a tram to go to the Lowry.

Jane had arranged to meet me; she had met me during the Tunick installations, and today she introduced me to her husband Mark and her two sons, and we all went into the Everyday People exhibition. There were relatively few photographs, but they were carefully chosen and were really stunning. More so was the video taken of the making of the installations, especially the Peel Park footage of all the models walking away from the circular flower beds... a beautiful effect.

We had lunch there and I did some balloon animals for a bit of fun, and Janie's youngest developed his skill balancing a 'fighting worm' model on his finger and his nose too! Just before the two parties parted, they wanted a demo of the unicycle so I did that outside, and then our group went to get on the tram back into the centre of Manchester again.

Our next rendezvous was Cafe Nero for another social meet up, which was really good as I met several people whom I've met through the internet but this was the first time I'd met them in the flesh. Some good conversations ensued, and soon after 5pm i took my leave, said goodbye to my friends and headed to Piccadilly Station, and got a 6pm train all the way back to York, and I was home before 8pm.

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