Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Wednesday 8th April 09

An early start as had been booked to go to Bish Street Kids playscheme in Bishopthorpe, so by 9.30 was loaded up with the full circus workshop kit, and cycled off down Heslington Road, Cemetery Road, across the Millennium Bridge and out to Bishopthorpe.

David the photographer, who had planned to come and record today's event, had phoned in unwell so I just got on with what I am good at; a one hour show and workshop, followed by a freeplay workshop, then lunch, more freeplay workshop, finishing with the balloon modelling workshop. The 20 or so children had a good time, so did I, and was finished by about 3pm.

Called in on David on the way home to wish him well, and came home to find a reasonably calm house. I had a bit of peace and quiet and then did some more sorting out in the garden. Got some more of Ali's compost ready, and a bit later, had a chat to her as she wants to come and collect some, to mix with the topsoil she's been given on Freecycle for her wheelchair-user friendly raised bed garden.

Ate tea all together and had some good giggles and chats, a peaceful evening mostly.

Enjoyed Newsnight as the return of Ethical Man was on, saving America from it's huge carbon footprint... well, kind of!

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James said...


You seem like a man that has a lot of answers.

Therefore, I have a question for you.

Is wireless internet safe?

My wife won't have it in the house, despite the fact we have other wireless devices including a cordless phone(energy saving trust recommended) and wireless temerature sensors (on rechargeable batteries. Can you calm her fears or will wi-fi be another problem, as smoking and pesticides have become?