Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Tuesday 21st April 09

What a busy day!

Gill got the boys ready for school and whilst she was taking our youngest, I got a phone call from Nick at the Credit Union reminding me that he'd booked me to attend an event at the Racecourse run by Business Link, on the phenomenon of Social Networking and how businesses and other organisations can benefit from it. York Credit Union is due to expand into North Yorkshire, and is intending to use some kind of Social Networking as well. I had discussed Facebook and blogging with YCU staff, so I went along to see what more I could learn, and to see if I could help YCU with that side of things.

So when Gill got home, our possible lazy day was made into a busy one... Gill found me some very smart (for me!) clothes and I gave myself a beard-trim to make me more presentable. At about 10am I set off and was at Priory St before 10.30 and met Nick for the first time. We cycled together along to the Racecourse and immediately found people to talk to. After coffee we were herded upstairs and sat down to listen to Shaa Wasmund give an interesting talk. She is somewhat of an expert when it comes to Social Networking and is a successful entrepreneur.

Many, perhaps most of the business people at this seminar were not familiar with Social Networking, so Shaa's talk started (after her intro biog) with what it is and how it's different to the old memes of advertising and similar 'one way' communication. Examples of social networks are Facebook, Linkedin, Second Life, YouTube, blogs and Twitter. I learned quite a lot, despite my having two blogs and an active Facebook life. I will be having a play around with various things... for instance, I've never looked at Twitter, although have read posts from friends who've 'Tweeted' to Facebook. I enjoyed participating in this event and will of course report on my experiences in due course.

Lunch at 1pm was quite nice and the conversations over lunch were really interesting.

Cycled back home over the lovely Millennium Bridge and Low Moor, in time to say Hi to Gilly before she elected to go down to school. I started to research and write my next column, which is on cosmetics. Fascinating stuff.

At just after 6 I set off for the Hull Road Ward Planning Panel with all the paperwork that I've been sent over the last 3 weeks, only one of which was an actual planning application. Five of us turned up and had a lively discussion, and were finished by 7pm, when I zoomed off down to Fulford for the York in Transition Credit Crunch discussion meeting. I was representing YorkLETS. Other organisations there were the Energy Efficiency Advice Centre, Citizens Advice Bureau, York Credit Union, Freecycle and the Women's Institute. Unfortunately there were more presenters and organisers than members of the public, but it was still an excellent evening, well co-ordinated by Bryony... and I learned a few bits and bobs here too.

I cycled back thought Heslington at 10ish and got home to find Gill asleep on the sofa. I think today must have been one of the most stimulating days I've had for a while. Didn't get to bed til after 2am.

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