Monday, 13 April 2009

Monday 13th April 09

A much better night's sleep and another relatively peaceful morning. Sophie and Dankie and Linda took all the children to the Norwich Castle Museum and I stayed in to look after Gill who was not well at all.

I cut Linda's front hedge and spent some time on the computer, and read, between seeing that Gill was OK and making sure that Linda's dog was too, as she'd left him with us.

Linda came back with the children at about 4 and they'd had a brilliant day with storytelling, Egyptian mummies, lots of activities and fun and education. I helped Linda make a simple meal, which we all had together, Sophie and Dankie coming back just as it was served.

Gill got a bit better during the evening and came down to watch Secret Millionaire which was very good, as usual.


James said...

This article and the website linked would be good for your other blog if you have not already covered the subject.

Compost John said...

Thanks James, I am already familiar with the Optimum Population Trust, and am delighted that David Attenborough is to be the patron. I'm not a member of OPT but I am a supporter and I think I have already done a blog post on the issue...