Thursday, 30 April 2009

Thursday 30th April 09

Not too brilliant a start to the day but the kids did get off to school more or less on time.

I then had breakfast and caught up on emails etc and just before Will arrived I got washed and dressed. Will came to work towards another attempt at a funding application for YorkLETS, so that we can go from a paper-based organisation to an 'online' web-based one, where members can control their own offers and wants rather than have to go through the core group. Will had downloaded and printed off the Awards for All information, so we went through this and transferred some of the info from the previous application form which we ran out of time to submit.

We had coffees and chats and it was really nice to see him on good form. I then had to do some more emailing to sort out various LETS issues, and at about midday made a return phone call to Community Care who phoned yesterday, and was told a new date for my next column, and the one after that... and then the reason for the phone call yesterday, they are making some changes and that second column will be my last. My blog will also finish. I have mixed feelings about this as I've enjoyed the chance to write about things I care about, and I've enjoyed being paid to do the columns, but it's been really difficult to find something new every week to blog about. So in July, I'll stop writing for them... and will be seriously looking for another publication who'd take me on. Anybody want to give me a job? Maybe this space will give me time to finish my book!

Later in the afternoon, we all took a trip into town and ended up having a family meal in Pizza Hut which was quite nice. We don't eat out very often and this was a bit of a treat. We walked home.


Anonymous said...

Low Carbon Lifestyle at Pizza Hut??

Compost John said...

As indicated by the title of my blog, I live a low carbon lifestyle, not a no carbon lifestyle, we don't live in a cave and wear rags, we live in the modern world in a 3-bed semi.

We very occasionally eat out. About twice a year. This doesn't conflict with aspiring to be low carbon. It was a treat. It was a 'happy family' thing to do.