Friday, 10 April 2009

Friday 10th April 09

Up early as we've a busy day today. We set off for the station in a taxi to get the 09.35 down to Peterborough and then got the next train to Cambridge, where George (Gill's nephew) and his partner Elissa live. George met us and drove us to their house.

We had a nice time with them and then in the early evening, walked into the City and went out for a meal at the Rainbow Vegetarian Cafe, where Elissa is a regular, as she used to live opposite, in a room in the gatehouse of the University. There was one table big enough for our group... but we had to wait for half an hour for it... but it was worth it. When the food actually arrived (another half hour, we were ready for it!) It was delicious and wholesome, and not cheap, but hey, it was a special occasion as we hardly ever get to see these relatives. George is especially good with the children, and I really like Elissa's directness and frank opinions. She doesn't mince her words yet she is careful how she phrases things. We discussed journalism as she, like me, works as a writer, and, like me, is untrained, having landed in the role almost by accident. She writes for The Africa Report, and was at the G20 talks interviewing a top African economist. I read one of her articles and it was very good. I hope she continues with this career.

We enjoyed the walk home... Cambridge is a beautiful place, and walking leisurely and chatting
made a good end to a really lovely day.

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