Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Wedsnesday 16th July 08

Had a lie-in til 9!!!

Then after breakfast went shopping for Gill at Country Fresh and the Co-op.

Did paperwork, 3 invoices, and collected a booking letter from Woodlands and wrote a reply.

As our eldest son was having a fun day at school (he's in his last few days there) I delivered two cakes Gill had made for their 'banquet' and collected our youngest. Then at 5ish, went to the allotment and spent a good three hours weeding, managing compost heaps and testing potato plants... dug up two white spuds and found a few egg-size and smaller, and two reds and there were lots more. So that was satisfying.

At 8 went to collect my eldest son who's had a picnic, trip to the York Dungeon, water fight and banquet, and couldn't help giggling when he came to the door as he had obviously been having close contact with a chocolate fountain, and he had lots round his mouth and on hs shirt... but a big smile. They'd all had a good time.

Had a reasonable evening, spent some time on the computer in the loft, my laptop plugged into the stand-alone screen, as my screen is completely unusable.

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