Monday, 7 July 2008

Monday 7th July 08

I had a bit of a rude awakening as Gill was intending to take the kids to school but suddenly the realisation that there was some independent learning project work still not done meant that one of our boys had got back into bed and was refusing to go to school. So I got up and reasoned with him, cajoled him, explained about the law, etc etc, and even used the term offered to me by a commentator to this blog, that it was 'non negotiable'! I pulled him out of his room by his wrists and ushered him downstairs, onto the chair where his breakfast was waiting... which he started to eat and slowly then calmed down and seemed to forget his bad mood. By 8.30 it was clear that Gill would be able to take them to school, and I went back to bed and slept til 11.

During the day, helped tidy the front room trying to get ready for Linda coming to visit over the weekend. It's a big job as it has become the dumping ground for all my paperwork and circus stuff...

I picked up the boys from school and gave my apologies to the committee meeting of Green Thumbs, which I couldn't attend as I was bringing the boys home.

After doing emails I cycled down to town to get a couple of cheques out and put a trailer's worth of drinks cartons into the carton recycling skip at Hazel Court, James St. No-one tried to stop me this time, and I again ignored the advice/ruling of 'no pedestrians or cycles' in the top part of the compound. I watched a car-driver get out of his vehicle and wander between several skips... in a very 'pedestrian' manner! It's a nonsensical rule!

Home for tea, and at 7.15, whilst getting ready to go to the LETS AGM, got a Fiddlesticks phone booking to go to an Autistic Society playscheme, which I know I'll enjoy.

I thought I'd be late to the meeting but I wasn't, and several people arrived after me. I chaired the meeting, it went well and we made some importaant decisions including asking members to consider having newsletters and directories electronically. We had a nice buffet, sandwiches, pizza, quiche, etc. Good social too, and trading. Back home at 11pm.

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Anonymous said...

Well done John! - regarding your son and his homework!

you have to hang tough on things like that and let the school deal with him if he doesnt do his work. if that means he has to sit out his playtimes to get it done, then thats the consequence of his behaviour.

anyway, i wanted to ask you something.

yesterday, our esteemed leader, gordon brown told us to stop wasting food, and there were media reports inside compost warehouses showing perfectly edible food that had been thrown away.

you regularly visit various places and pick up 'waste' produce - now I can see how that would work in a smallish place like York but what would you do if you lived in London? Do you think you could have your Eco-life in a city of 8m people? would you just see it as even more opportunities to live a carbon free lifestyle or do you think it would be much harder?