Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Wednesday 9th July 08

A good day, although Gill asked me to come downstairs to help the boys get ready as she was going to get their bikes out... and they have real attitude problems with putting socks and shoes on... but with regular encouragement, they got to leave the house at 8.35 and to school on time...

Gill and I spent the best part of the day doing paperwork.... accounts, and I was doing York Green Festival insurance documents.

After lunch I cycled down to the Green Party office to give in a cheque for business cards, which the 'York Community Print' is doing for me, on 100% recycled card, printed both sides, two colours....

I picked up the kiddies from school, plus one friend, and came home quickly so they could go to Martial Arts, but Maria came round and told us it was cancelled. She chatted with us for half an hour whilst the 3 boys played in the garden.

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