Saturday, 5 July 2008

Friday 4th July 08

I took the boys into school and then at 11, we both went in to have a meeting with the head and several others, which went well and we left reasonably reassured. We came home and had lunch, cannot remember what we did with the rest of the afternoon, but 3pm came all too quickly and I cycled down and brought them back.

A good evening, though, as I had an early tea... including the second lot of 'chicken of the woods' mushroom, cooked in tomato and leek this time, to help it be a little more moist. Had this with a home-made burgery thing using yesterday's unused rice. Delicious!

Then I bombed down to the Minster to attend the celebratory Critical Mass, about 10 of us happy that York has been made a cycling demonstration city, with Cycling England giving York £3.7 million to help promote cycling. So we had a 10 mile tootle round, very good natured apart from one aggressive taxi driver.

A very late night, including a game of Scrabble with Gill, which I won.

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