Saturday, 26 July 2008

Friday 25th July 08

An early start as had a long cycle to work... a day's worth of Brownie camp near Market Weighton 20+ miles East of York. So by 7.30 I had loaded up my trailer with circus gear, unicycles balloons etc, and set off down the A1079 past Dunnington, past Kexby and Wilberfoss, Barmby Moor and Pocklington, and onto Market Weighton where I doubled back on myself for a short distance and then turned North to get to Goodmanham where the Brownies have a building where they go to have holidays. I got to Goodmanham at about 9.40, so 2 hours cycling... before getting changed and ready for a show, 10-11, workshop 11.15 til 12.30, a second workshop 1.50 til 3 and a balloon show 3.15 til 4.15...

The girls were very hardworking and several succeeded in some of the basics, although all had a lot of fun. I pretty swiftly got going after picking up my 'charity' fee and cycled quite fast home, taking just 1 hour 45 minutes.

The main feature of the A1079 is the huge volume of roadkill. I counted 3, possibly 4 hawks (ether sparrowhawks or kestrels), a large white owl, about 30 rabbits, 20 hedgehogs, a fox, 30+ pigeons and scores of smaller birds. The carnivorous birds must come to eat the other roadkill and get hit themselves. I didn't bring anything home for composting apart from the food the girls left uneaten at lunchtime and the burst balloons. Roadkill is just one more reason I dislike motor-vehicles, the annual toll must be enormous if this 20 mile stretch is anything to go by.

Anyway, got in and collapsed, knackered, and Gill provided a delicious tea. The boys had had a good day, playing with friends and Gill had catered for several visitors, including making a wonderful cake which went well with loganberries and ice-cream!

Enjoyed Tour De France on TV a lot this evening, amazed at their speed compared to my 11 or 12 mph crawl.....

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