Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Tuesday 18th September 07

Woke still with a runny nose and thick head, still feeling low about having to censor my blog.

Had bad-tempered morning, as one child was at home as he'd had a bad night and I resented his noise. I feel justified to mention 'a child' rather than saying which one, as it does give some degree of anonymity, and enables me to say why I was feeling grumpy.

I went into the garden to escape and Gill took him into school at lunchtime, so I came in and did some housework, including preparing a load of red peppers for drying to make sweet paprika.

I picked them up from school, and after a family conference (censored) I did some wood stacking. I had tea at 6pm, eggy bread using some out-of-date loaf collected on Sunday evening.

Did more work outside during the evening. Still not in a very good mood.

I did my blog and started going through old posts and asking Gill whether I should take stuff out, or leave it in. It was difficult for her to decide, so she suggested just leaving what is already written and being more careful phrasing stuff in the future. I feel better about this.

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Peter said...


I enjoy reading your blog. It's refreshing to read an open account of somebody's life, and it comes over as very human.

So don't get too down about having to restrict its topics a little.