Monday, 10 September 2007

Monday September 10th 07

I took the boys into school, our youngest ran down the garden just before we were due to cycle off, and Gill had to take him off the trampoline, put his shoes back on and he was bundled back up the garden and onto his bicycle. Once at school, he's OK, but getting him there is becoming a problem. But, when they leave me at school, they both give me a kiss, which re-assures me that they aren't that unhappy!

Gill and I took a rest on the sofa and watched some telly and drank coffee. We're enjoying the 'Helicopter Heroes' Yorkshire Air Ambulance programme, it's gripping. Then we went to bed, glad to have some space after a busy weekend. I got up a bit later as I had a lot of compostables to put on a heap, but Gilly slept til miday, she's exhausted.

At 1pm Liz from LETS came, for me to sign some cheques and have a chat, cuppa, and she picked some blackberries.

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