Saturday, 22 September 2007

Saturday 22nd September 07

Saturday started in a lovely way, with my youngest child coming into the bedroom at about 7.30am and waking me up with a 'I love you Dad' and getting into bed with me and giving me a little back rub. I rolled over and gave him a big backrub, a perfect if a little early start to the day. So came down and had my bowl of cereal, home-made muesli on top of bran flakes, and then did the washing up from last night with the pan of still-warm water from last night's stove.

At about 8.40 I set off on the bike to go and visit Y, one of my Freecycle friends, who has asked for some help sorting out some woodwormy floorboards, and needs brawny people to move furniture and rip out floorboards. I got 5 minutes away and remembered that I was supposed to bring my bowsaw to lend her, so retraced my route and picked it up. I enjoyed meeting her lodgers, including a young woman from Malaysia who is working for Norwich Union, whom I taught to use the bowsaw to cut floorboards to length. New ones are being refitted to fill holes before the whole lot is replaced in a few months time.

I left after an hour or so, and went via Cycle Heaven to get a replacement dynamo wheel for Gill and then went to Bootham to go to Liz's garage sale. I found a scented candle, some Beano comics, two jigsaw puzzles, two little spades in wood and metal for digging on the beach and some fruit teas for 10 Yorkys, and a 'Freeview' set-top box for just £1, bargain of the week, I should say.

When I got home with the various gifts, I was very well liked, everybody happy, especially with the Freeview box, which enables us to get Discovery Channel, BBC3, various kids' TV channels, and probably more. Excellent!

I had lunch and then ran a bath.... using gas and the combi boiler for very hot water and a 5 gal can of warm water from last night's stove, making a good bath, not completely sustainable, but good enough. I washed my hair and got clean for this afternoon's gig and came down and packed my juggle kit for a workshop. I left at about 2.30, the party is in Escrick at 3.45, but I sped along the A59 so fast I was at the venue for 3.05. The dad and younger daughter came at 3.30, as arranged, to open the village hall and let me get changed and get the kit ready. At 3.45 the small group of 13 year-old girls arrived and I did a short show and explanation, followed by a 'freeplay workshop' til 5pm, when they were invited to do a little show to their friends. I really enjoy working with this age-group, as they are so able, and there was a good degree of success with this lot too, very satisfying. Got home for just after 6pm, tired and happy that Gill ad made a pile of bulgar wheat and garden veg. I ate this watching a programme on Capuchin Monkeys.

I recieved an email from the moderator of the CRAG website, copied to me, and sent to the perpertrator of the false 'Professor Fiddlesticks' posting last night, telling him not to use that username unless he could prove that he was the 'real' Professor Fiddlesticks! I felt really glad that the moderator is 'on the case' and had hidden the offending posts, and my replies, from public view. Hopefully the 'offender' will choose a different username! Unless, of course, he IS the real Professor Fiddlesticks!

Had another game of Scrabble and beat Gill by 50 or so points this time. Watched some Freeview stuff!

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