Saturday, 8 September 2007

Saturday 8th September 07

Good to have a lie-in, finished last week's NewScientist, really enjoyed an interesting article on language and thought. When I got up, went into the garden and unloaded my bike from last night, still piled high with compostables needing to be bunged on a heap or possibly the tumbler, so did some of that. Also did some riddling, just for a change, as I haven't done any for a while, and there's umpteen sacks of finished material needing putting through the riddle, which will give me some good 'stick-heavy' topping material for the heap I turned yesterday, and needs to sit and do it's stuff, best under a layer of already composted stuff, and I use the chunky bits which don't go through the riddle, mulch quality.

However I had to come in and get tidied up as soon after lunch I needed to go to a gig in Copmanthorpe, so I had a bath and shave and hairwash so wouldn't be so furry and frightening for the 6 yr olds I'll be entertaining. Also my knees and forearms were composty, not a good image for a professional entertainer.

Went through Bishopthorpe and Acaster Malbis as didn't really want to go the A64 route, so it was quite a lot longer but much quieter and perhaps safer.

Excellent party, a lively lot, noisy and needed reminding several times about watching and listening and not talking during the show... so they didn't miss the opportunities to come up and have a go with stuff. The feather balancing went well, most audience members participated in this. Did the balloon show after tea, they were suprisingly good at it considering most of them were 5 or 6 years old. Anyway, I enjoyed it, so did they, and the mum also said it was a lovely party as she paid me, so I cycled home happy. I called in to Martin's veg on the way back, Richard had put 3 sacks of stuff for me to take, so I loaded them on to the trailer too.

Gill had created a bulgar wheat tea which I had soon after coming in at 7.30. A relaxing evening, enjoyed David Gilmour on telly.

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