Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Tuesday 11th September 07

A good day, quite a slow start, but went into town before lunch to do my 'Monday' pick-up from Out Of This World, got a couple of cheques out, and a postal order to pay back the B and B chap in Norwich, who has returned our youngest son's bag containing books and toys. Also got a large tin of fair-trade coffee, some string for my diabolo sticks, and checked out 'point and click' digital cameras, which I'm investigating and planning to purchase. I used to be a keen photographer, but gave up over a decade ago as I was unhappy with the 'ecofootprint' of traditional film, which uses many chemicals and is wasteful, as any duff shots still have to be printed. With Digital, I would have batteries to recharge, and some initial hardware, but after that there should be few ongoing costs/carbon footprints.

Got home in time for lunch and soon after that had a visit from a reporter from Minster FM (radio station) who are doing a piece on my forthcoming appearance on ITV on Thursday. Chatted to her for a while, all with a microphone under my nose. Will be broadcast tomorrow afternoon.

Then got on with some compost heap sorting. Loaded more onto one of them, and riddled more stuff, very relaxing! Gill got the boys, and I cut some hedge and did some shredding, next door was pruning the lilacs and gave me all the branches, so they got processed too, into bigger diameter stuff for logging and twiggy bits which I shredded.

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