Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Sunday 26th August 07

First full day at the Pinewoods Holiday Park. I woke not too early and lolled around, not having to 'do' anything really... holiday! Enjoyed breakfast, as we'd got a posh commercial muesli called Dorset Cereals Berries and Cherries, wonderful! Then watched a BBC TV show called Heaven and Earth, as there was due to be a discussion about the Climate Campers at Heathrow, and the Greenbelt Festival, which I once went to to do litter picking and recycling, and it was an interesting experience for a non-Christian to go to, since it's a Christial festival.

I was delighted to see an interview with Climate Camper Graham Martin, a Christian from York whom I'm friendly with, and then I'm pretty sure I saw my friend Sue Wallace presiding over a service at Greenbelt, and as she's been ordained (I think this is the word for it) I'm sure it was her... hey, two people I know on telly, quite made my day!

So after 11am we all set off to the beach and then came back for lunch. For no reason my eldest threw a HUGE paddy and ran away from me, disobeying my instruction to come to me. He gets in more trouble disobeying me than he would for the original transgression. Linda gave him a good talking to, for which I was grateful, and then she left to drive home again. She dropped Gill off in town, and I went to the beach with them. We played nicely, making sandcastles, and they were perfectly behaved, it was a pleasure to be with them.

Got back at 5ish, Gill had enjoyed her non-boy time! She'd bought presents for the boys and a small beach tent, to give some shelter.

I made tea of bulgar wheat and veg, and at 8 we all went for a walk on the beach, watching the tide go out, and getting back at about 9pm.

Gill and I watched some telly with Gryff Rhys Jones up Snowdon, then a bit of a film with Martin Clunes in New Zealand.

Slept in the double bed, much more comfy!

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