Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Tuesday 10th July 07

A lovely day working in a local school, a circus day for year 3 children (7 yr olds) who have missed out on a school trip, so instead they had a fun day with me, dressing up, face painting etc.

I first did a 1 hour show and workshop with all 28 children, then came back for lunch. Then just before 1pm I went back and did 2 circus skills workshops with 14 children each, followed by a balloon show and workshop with all of them. A very satisfying day, quite reasonably paid, for lots of fun.

Had an early tea and was picked up by Erin the Recycling Officer in her car to go to the Ward Committee in Dunnington, to present a York Rotters info talk and questions session. Lots of interest in the Rotters stall, very satisfying.

Home to the stress and difficulty of my last chance to improve my documentation for the Green Festival later this month. Spent til 2am finishing it off and drawing the plan of the event onto the map of Rowntree Park.

Didn't write my personal blog, as no time.

I don't want to do this Festival organising thing again. I feel I have had very little help, and almost obstruction from the Festivals Officer who has been sarcastic, rude and quite unhelpful. I will complain about her when all is done.

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