Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Monday 16th July 07

Gill took the boys to school and I got on with finishing off the documentation to allow the Green Festival to happen, and got it in just before the deadline at midday. In the afternoon I felt strangely freed up, released, so got on with a bit of logging and then at 3 went to school to pick up the boys.

On the way back, I came along Windmill Lane towards Hull Road and there was a blue sports car half in the cycle box which is just infront of the traffic lights, and is for bikes not cars. My boys are being trained to ride on the road, so I positioned my bike directly infront of the car, at right angles to the front of it, to allow the children to position themselves infront, where they could get a safe start when the lights changed. When it went green, the car revved, the woman driver obviously impatient. As I then cycled away following the boys onto Hull Road, she accelerated and crashed into my trailer, which got partly wedged into the front of her car. I got off and remonstrated with her, opening her door and telling her I was angry with her for driving into my trailer. I asked her to reverse, and I pulled my trailer free, and cycled off as I was angry and didn't want to get in a confrontation with the stupid woman. I didn't check my trailer until I arrived home, when I found that one wheel was skew wiff and broken. I realised that I should have got her details, and cursed myself for leaving without checking the trailer.

Then my brainy 9 year old piped up that he had memorised the number plate and had written it down when he arrived home! What a darling! What a star! I phoned the police and gave them the details of the incident, including the registration of the stupid woman's vehicle.

They phoned me back and said that it was a company car and the company would give my details to the woman, who if she agreed it was her fault, would pay for a new wheel and repairs. If she contested the incident, I could report it to the police and they'd get involved.

However the trailer still rolled and the wheel was broken only enough for it to wobble when it turned round, so I cycled down to Cycle Heaven and asked them if they would be able to replace the wheel, and they ordered one.

I did a pick up, using more of my panniers and rack than usual, as my trailer might not support much weight.

Good electric storm this evening, spectacular.

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