Saturday, 28 July 2007

Saturday 28th July 07 - Dunnington Playing Fields Fayre

A good day working, just up the road at Dunnington, a really well-organised and enjoyable event. I cycled up there to start at 11am, and worked hard with 'free-play' circus workshops all day, with some balloon models being given away towards the end of the day, which ended at 4pm, so not such a long stint, but it was warm and sunny, and I had an endless stream of people wanting to try out unicycling, devilsticks or juggling. Worked with quite a few teenagers and older children, and adults.

Just before I got started I walked around the site and visited all the stalls, and made one purchase, an old 3 book set of Reader's Digest gardening books, in a sleeve which keeps them together. Cost a pound! I like old gardening books, at least as much as new ones!

When I got back I had a large pile of compostables to stow safely in the newly reconstructed pallet bin, layered with straw and woodchips.

But was called back in by Gill as several phone calls, re tomorrow's Green Festival, so dealt with them and had tea (stir-fry veg including day-lily buds, with a shop-bought pastie) and did loads of washing up, as well as the usual emails, Freecycle messages and blog.

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