Sunday, 8 July 2007

Sunday 8th July 07

Oh such an early start... I got to the station to catch the 6.58 train to Manchester, but it went the long way round to Leeds because of engineering work, and when we left Leeds we got stuck for 20 mins with some late finishing working so our train was late getting in to Manchester and I missed my connection so had to wait an hour for the next one, so arrived in Warrington at 10.40 not 9.40, so started the event at 11, not at 10 which is when the Disability Awareness Day starts.
However got going and did lots of unicycling aroung and being loud and silly, making people laugh and interacting humourously, devilsticking and greeting people.

Then did some inside stuff, in the Arts Marquee, and did assorted workshops, had sandwiches for lunch and then worked solid all afternoon. It is a brilliant event, so many interesting people and happy kids.

Sabrina's band 'The Heroes' played their last gig and I enjoyed that, and went soon after. The free bus was waiting for me and as I got on several people cheered!

There was just a 20 min wait at the station before the train came, no changes, so got to York at about 7.30. I popped into Out Of This World to see if there were any recyclables, and there were lots of out of date things, and plates, and serving cutlery, and lots of other things, so came home very well loaded.

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