Thursday, 26 July 2007

Thursday 26th July 07

Another busy day, Gill trying to get our accounts done, so we offloaded the kids round to a friend and G got on with work, I had a shower and got ready for work, the second day with the gifted and talented kids at Manor School. Got there in good time and laid out the equipment for the workshop. This went well, very talented, good fast learners.

Home via the building society to get a cheque out and put one in, picked up compostables from Martins and got home before 3pm, and both of us felt really tired.

So I got on with more YGF stuff, oh it's nearly over....

Tea was lovely, fermented soya bean thingy (forgotten it's name) and onion, pepper and HOME GROWN TOMATOES yummy!

And then out again, a site meeting at Rowntree Park with stewards and organisers, which went well, and then a swift cycle to St Nicks for their AGM.

Had problems with blog not being connected, slowed things down quite a bit.

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