Monday, 30 July 2007

Monday 30th July 07

Not even a lie in this morning!
Got up and had to do my paid-for blog, did it on pride, as I don't feel it much and had an interesting conversation about it with Gill. Also mentioned the found book,

Was still in my pj's when Melody and her son arrived and I was still doing my blog, but got it done before lunch. Then after lunch, had a management group meeting for York Rotters, at St Nicks, it was a good meeting with lots of bright ideas about new Rotters and how to get them, how to keep them and where to find them, and how to keep York Rotters in the conciousness of local people.

Then collected my compostables, went to get a cheque out to pay for balloons and then to Oxfam for coffee and Sainsburys for various bits, found some reduced price black truffles, which I've never had and will share with Simon and possibly other fungi fans.

Home to a big pile of washing up and made a nutloaf from old bread and pumpkin.

After tea went to the lottie to put several sacks of grass cuttings onto it, and found that the only things which have grown well are onions. The sweetcorn is stunted, potatoes blighted, beans eaten by slugs and squash tiny. A crap year on the plot.

Home to sort out tomorrow's journey plans and pack, but got waylaid by email stuff and blog and K chat, doing too much. Need a few days with not any obligations.

Off to Big Green Gathering tomorrow, no blog for a week.


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