Tuesday, 20 March 2007

Tuesday 20th March 07

Gill took the boys to school in the snow and wind, I lit both stoves and as Gill's got a dental appointment, got on with some housework. My big 'DM' Unicycle was delivered back from my friend Roger who runs Unicycle.com, and it has new cranks, pedals and saddle. An upgrade for fifty quid... the first time I've spent money on it in about 10 years. Listened to Womens Hour on Radio 4 and washed up.

Spent much of the day inside as so cold and loads to do, although loads to do outside too! During the afternoon I got a phonecall from Justin, BBC's Ethical Man, saying he had been contacted by a magazine who wanted him to do a column. As he didn't want to do it, he rang me and asked if I'd be interested.... well, a second chance of a column to promote sustainable lifestyles would be great. So he contacted the mag and I soon got a call from the Editor, I think. It is a weekly with 64, 000 subscriptions and they wondered if I would write 400 words once every 3 weeks. I offered to send my original column, unchanged from the 600+ words that the Yorks Post had asked me for. I did this in the evening.

I did go out... to pick up the boys and later, to try and get some signatures for my nomination form, and Andy's. Only one person was in, so several more folks to visit to get this sorted.

I did have one very irritating experience during the afternoon. I am waiting for the Abbey National to send the YorkLETS account book back to me as we have changed our bank to the Co-op as it's more ethical and, since I've been a customer, over 22 years, they've never made a mistake or done anything bad. So I rang the national complaints number for the Abbey and waited over 20 minutes for it to be answered. When they did bother to answer they couldn't help, and promised to ring back at 3.45 with the answer. They didn't. What a wunch of bankers!

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