Thursday, 8 March 2007

Thursday 8th March 07

I did the school run today as I had arranged to cycle on to Bishopthorpe to collect a computer which was offered on Freecycle, and I asked for it on behalf of a friend who really needs to improve her skills and break out of the rut she's in. She has started a computer course but hasn't got one.... until today! I wasn't expecting to transport such a lot of stuff... not just a computer and monitor, but printer, scanner, speakers, mouse and paperwork instructions AND a bag of electric flex to make it all work. The donor had upgraded their system and was happy that the old one was going to a deserving person, rather than going to landfill. Do people really put 6 year old computers in the bin? Even in these days of the WEEE Regulations, I expect that they do.

My friend was amazed and very grateful, and just a bit flummoxed as to what was what and how it all fitted together. I told her that I expected her daughter would be able to help with that. The system needs an 'external modem' so when it's working, I'll find out what it needs and try and get one on Freecycle. Hopefully I'll be able to get my boys a computer soon, as my wife has sugested that one would be helpful with their homework.

Before lunch spent some quality time with Gill who was happy to have a day off from taking the children to school. I also fitted in some time managing some of my compost systems, emptying the huge 'Compostumbler' and immediatley starting to refill it with shedded twigs and chopped fruit and veg materials, and bagging up some finished stuff, well, unriddled but ready to use as a mulch. Really it still needs riddling to remove unrotted sticks and the inevitable 'comtrairies' such as plastic tape, plastic fruit stickers and glue-strips from cardboard boxes.

Picked up the kids at 3.15 and did some more pruning of spralling mallow, brought it home for a sit-and-wait pile. I do wish I could compost it at school. Maybe oneday? I live in hope, eternally optomistic that school will start to embrace sustainability and take responsibility for recycling their own waste materials.

Did some deliveries of the 'Green Light' pamphlet, announcing the forthcoming ne Green Party candidate for Fishergate Ward, Dave Taylor, who is standing as Mark Hill is standing down. Dave would make a great City Councillor, I hope he gets in.

Before tea did some bowsawing of planed timber rescued from a skip recently, and was ready for the spaghetti and veg that Gill had put together. Shortly after this I shot off down to town again, for the second meeting of CrUST, to firm-up the Green Gala, which we renamed York Green Festival as the word Gala was percieved to be a bit Morris Dancers and Cream Teas. The word Festival implies fun, music, excitement, interest, creativity, which is what we want the gig to be. The different chunks of the event were divvied up and we meet in a week to feed back the info.

I got an exciting email from the Yorkshire Post today, but it would be inappropriate to discuss it here and now as nothing is decided yet. However I will reveal all when I know more myself...

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