Sunday, 18 March 2007

Sunday 18th March 07

A cold day outside and lovely and cosy in.... that's the beauty of woodstoves!

At 11 had two Green Party visitors, as the local elections are rapidly approaching and I'm standing in Hull Road Ward, alongside Andrew Collingwood, as there are two councillors in this ward and therefore two votes. Andrew Collingwood came to start the extensive paperwork and Andy Chase our agent brought the packs with him. He is a past-master at local elections. The paperwork has to be done before we're official candidates, and I have to find Proposer, Seconder and a pile of nominees who are happy for me to stand. I'm getting Andrew's paperwork sorted too, as I've stood several times before and he's a novice, and doesn't know many people in the ward. It's an interesting and exciting process, local democracy, if that's what it is!

During the afternoon I started to deal with the preparation for 'The Death Of Ethical Man' and dig out my 'radiator raised bed' which is made of two old bay-window radiators put back to back, and filled with loam and compost. Last year we grew pototoes, beans and pumpkins in it. This week it will be converted into a coffin-like composter and featured on telly. In the meantime I have to remove at least 25 sacks of soil... and this afternoon I found some suprise potatoes which I hadn't dug out last autumn. That's tea sorted then!

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